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by Elena Gadini - March 2017

North London Darkroom was founded on investing in to development of Black and White Hand printing over the last five years and has provided its facilities to award winning photographers. After a few of our previous members left, to go on to other countries with their practie, we have discovered their are few places that the scale of printing that we can achieve in a bromide print is available in Europe. We are now making prints under the watchful eye of Sebastian Edge the founder of North London Darkroom. 

We have just completed four 100cm x 100cm prints for Artist Hicham Gardaff, whose gallery in Morroco had a royal visitor and insisted on large prints of Gardaff's Scenes of Morroco. The Prints were completed last month and are now in the Kings permanent collection. and a few weeks prior to this former member Joanna Piotrowska had us make four 95cm x 120cm prints for her gallery in Lisbon. and we now print for her regularly.

So is it Expensive?.. well you can see our prices here. for Fibre based Bromide Print to a variety. we have worked on our prices to ensure a competitive rate.

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