North London Darkroom has two darkrooms setup professionally, for printing black and white print or processing film. Darkroom A is the Main Darkroom and is used by its members organised with an online private calendar. The Print services and scale up projects are also done from here.

Darkroom B is the smaller darkroom, but its punchy! Built in 2019 it was carefully designed for tight and efficient work flow up to 16x20". three switches control the airflow in the room, white light and the novel Red lighting in the room. The darkroom has a single door and a nearly new Durst Multigraph decimal graded enlarger for printing from up to 5x4" negative. The big upright print washer and tempered filtered water for cleaning your prints. Also you have additional red inspection light above the dev tray and a white light above the fix tray for inspection. The room also has a full compliment of processing tanks for hand process of sheet or roll film from 35mm to 10x8" sheet.

Paper developer Stop and Fix are provided. Not film developer.
15min induction (so you must be experienced in tray development/enlargement)

At the moment Darkroom B is only available Thursdays and Fridays. 9-5pm £85

Feedback on Darkroom B

"everything is just in the right place and just to hand"
Katrinis Stampopoulis

"i made a lot of prints in here today, very good!"
Joanna Piotrowska

"I love the enlarger, its so accurate, if you keep notes how you printed something and put that back in another day its the same"
Matt Kelly

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