North London Darkroom now offers hand printing and film process for Artsits and Photographers, We have built a reputation for quality oversize prints on a budget.

We have a range of papers and toning options available. We are one of the few places in Europe able to print large scale Fibre based prints from negative.

Please contact us for bespoke prices and discounts, see below as a guide of our pricing structure. discounts are given on multiples and scale of work, we are able to offer entire exhibition printing and progress viewing with tests

Please get in contact with your requirements

Hand Print Prices

Guide prices
Fibre base Black and White Print to Ilford Paper (other papers available)
10 x 8"(254x203)   £35.00
12 x 10"(305x254) £42.00
16 x 12" (406x305) £53.00
20 x 16" (508x406) £69.00
20 x 24" (508x610) £78.00
30 x 20"  (762x508) £95.00
36 x 24"  (905x610) £180.00
40 x 30"  (1016x762) £280.00
39.5 x 39.5"  (1000x1000) £330
48 x 36"  (1200x905) £350
60 x 40" 
60 x 48"  " (1100x1400) £520
72 x 48""
84 x 48"  "
96 x 48"  "

Hand Film Process Prices

Film Processing available upon REQUEST ONLY, please get in contact for more info.

Hand process Black and White.

We process using Kodak Xtol 1+1 dilution for smooth even development. (other development options available, please contact for pricing).

£6.00 a roll 35/120 (+ £6.00 scanning)
£13.50 with contact print

*Service days: Thursdays & Fridays only.