The North London Darkroom

North London Darkroom Photographers print collective* was constructed and setup by Sebastian Edge in 2011 and opened to members in May 2012. The Darkroom aims to provide photographers with the space and the necessary facilities to produce BLACK & WHITE large or small, carefully managed, darkroom prints. 


The Darkroom is intended for you, the photographer. As the costs of analogue materials increase, it is important to provide professional photographers with an affordable space to keep producing their prints.



So what's here, and what do you get from your membership?  (for more info about pricing and terms of use, click 
here )


Where is it?

The Darkroom is located 5 minutes walk from Tottenham Hale Underground Station on the Victoria line and Overground, one stop to Liverpool street.

The Darkroom is beneath JUMP photographic studios and REK7 music productions, on an industrial estate in Tottenham Hale.


When can I access the Darkroom?

You get your own key & 24h access. The Darkroom is never closed, but you are responsible for locking up, turning the lights off and tidying up after yourself. All you need to do is use the google calendar, shared between you and the other members.


What can you print there?

Almost anything, if you don't mind a bit of elbow grease. You can comfortably make FB prints up to 20x24", but we can also make controlled UV exposed sun prints up to 12x16" with separate toning sinks and wash sinks. Resin coated prints, machine dried up to 24" wide. Fb prints washed archivally in iZone print wash. and the ability to print up to 50x70" on RC or 30x40" FB


What films can I process?

We have deep tanks, with IKodak Xtol chemistry for Black and White, Kodak Stop and Ilford Hypam Fixative. Wetting agent and temperature-controlled wash tanks (very important!) This is what is provided, but we can change suppliers if requested by the group members, or you can bring your own and keep it in your locker. There is a full range of stainless cages for large batch developing. Or Jobo Tanks, for processing 35mm all the way to 10x8 sheet film.


What enlargers do you use?

We have 5 working serviced enlargers. lots of different flavours, depending on your preferences and needs. 

We have some great equipment** and since we had a two-page article in BJP it keeps getting better, because we work together as a collective. We started off with a donation from the National Gallery, Print wash sinks and the HK Pro, a bit of a monster, formerly used for printing archival material in the gallery. Its brother is still in the depths of the Gallery, still making prints. The neg carrier is 10x10"! 

We also have a range of DeVeres, two 504's, one with an amazingly crisp and rich Cathomag head, one with a varicon head, for sharp negs, that don't miss any detail from a nice dense negative. Then there is the 203 with an Ilford 500H mixer head, easy and fast to use, with built in paper grades, best suited for Ilford Multi-grade papers. The DeVere 5108, designed for 10x8" negative to 35mm , with a drop baseboard, for big prints. 

We have also just received from the studio of a prominent photographer something very special, the last of the Durst Pichtochrom 5x4 enlargers. We even have a lasergraphics machine for basic digital to negative LVT's on 35mm film.


What is supplied in the Darkroom?

You get your basic stock film developer, and you get Multi-grade paper developer, stop and Fix for the trays (you'll be shown how to use the chemistry efficiently and safely and how to test it). From time to time, we also get materials donated, which we sometimes share out. We also provide Hypo Clear for FB prints, this is important for the archival stability of the print.


Can I process Colour?

No, sorry guys. It's just not financially viable at the current early stages of NLD. It is a very different ball game to black and white, but might be something we consider as the darkroom expands.


What if I need help?

The Darkroom is not regularly managed. I keep an eye on it and members email me or text me from time to time to report things that need to be worked on, or reporting materials we run low on. But really you should be reasonably competent in the darkroom. You will get shown around and helped to understand the kit, treat as your own private space. 


If you are a member and need help with something, there are nine other members! Everybody doing interesting things, in and out of the darkroom. We have a broad skill base and a shared calendar, which lets us see what we are all up to in the darkroom, or who is showing, even if we need a hand to raid the darkrooms of established photographers!


Best thing to do is get in touch, and we'll have a chat. Contact form


I need an Office!

We got one, The office is sound dulled with two screens a Mac, with your own login***, a neg scanner for up to 5x4 neg, a laser printer**** and some great speakers. it's all accessible and shared using the google calendar, which is what makes the darkroom run very smoothly. We are planning soon on providing an Imacaon scanner as we continually re-invest in the space.


How is the Darkroom funded?

The Darkroom setup was funded by me, but the Members fee pays its maintenance and monthly running cost of the facilities. I strongly believe in keeping the ability to make high quality darkroom prints to give photographers choice and to give manufacturers of darkroom materials reason to keep making them. 


Can I sell work through the Darkroom

Yes you can, (a work in progress) but we have recorded a few sales. Our website offers you a print sales platform at low commission rates, on which you are free to upload prints of your choice. Besides the sale of prints, our shop also has a sections for books, publications and materials. or anything else. As we reach a larger number of members, so does our buying power. We are working on keeping relationship with retailers and manufacturers for our members, as well as forming relationships with other print agencies and galleries such as the Rockarchive . 


Do I get storage?

Yes, you get a locker, which has room for boxes of 20x24" and a drawer in the planner chest. At the moment you are encouraged to take material home and let others know through our calendar or notice board if something needs to be left out to dry etc. Their is also some storage for the odd large box.



Yes, its black and white, flushes, comes with soap, toilet roll... and a library!


Where is the Darkroom going?

The Darkroom is primarily a place for individual photographers to work from. It provides a platform to make high quality prints, privately or shared and without the irritations sometimes associated with shared darkrooms or taught darkrooms.


The Darkroom has aspirations to expand, increase the facilities, and improve the options available to our members. North London Darkroom also helps its members to show and sell their printed work through exhibition and via our online shop. This has been set up to be self-sustaining and with a very low and fair commission rate. 




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*'collective' refers to the manner of the photographers sharing the space to make prints
**all equipment unless otherwise stated remains property of North London Darkroom.

***We take no responsibility for data loss in any form.

****Honesty box, for paper and cartridges.