Film Exposure and Negative Development

by Daniella Verektenidi - January 2020

In recent times, black and white analogue photography has become a favoured way to express artistic creativity.  With skill, an image made on B&W film can convey an emotion unrivalled by other media. 

There are three key stages in analogue photography: exposing (taking the photograph), developing (converting the film into a negative) and printing (enlarging, projecting and fixing the image of the negative onto paper).  

These three stages require good control over the film, as it is the film is what we expose, what we develop into a negative and what we use to make the image (as a print or as a digital scan).  

The workshops in these series deal with acquiring the necessary skills to exert control over the film and so to apply one’s creative vision over the final image by producing a quality negative.

DATES: Feb 15th & 22nd 2020


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