Art Basel Piotrowska Giant Prints

by Sebastian Edge - September 2021

Joanna, is an RCA graduate, who after graduating like quite a few joined North London Darkroom to continue making their work prints and exhibition prints, larger than your average darkroom, but also to have a quietly connected space to use and share with a few others who understand and appreciate and respect others working practises.

We now make Joannas hand darkroom black and white prints direct from her negatives. Her ambition for larger and more complex sizes has constantly pushed the boundaries of what i do here. Three of the four prints on display at Basel this year are the largest achievable on a single sheet of paper. The paper is 56" wide and i am 6'5" tall, Mike Spry an inspirational printer of jaw dropping work and breadth once referred to me as the "big Bloke, who make the big prints" it is a reputation that i have stuck too and enjoy!

If you are able to see some of Joannas prints the body of work is "enclosures" and will be on Display this September as part of the Art Basel art Fair.

We have also made works for Joanna, which are in the permenant collection of Museum of Modern Art, Tate and many others around the world.

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