Five Years!!

by Sebastian Edge - June 2017

So North London Darkroom is five years old. Tottenham hale has changed around us radically, Beavertown brewery opened up, and has become a traditional place to meet with members and friends of the darkroom. Styx the club and venue as well as five mile which is a whole new venture by Mark, who helped see us through with our ten month Gallery Project Roughprint in Dalston. We have crowdfunded and put out a huge show of hand printing black and white Artists and photographers. we have worked with teenagers from Open door to give them the incredible experience of working in a studio with only the best equipment, through to film process and print, culminating in a show at Hornsey town Hall. but most importantly has always been the darkroom and the platform from which photographers have worked, to provide the professional a level of equipment second to none. Incredible prints hung in some extraordinary galeries and some of the most strangest and surprising of collectors from around the world have enjoyed prints produced by artists here at North London Darkroom.

So to celebrate our fifth year in a venture that the BJP thought was crazy in 2012 we have just added another professional durst Multigraph enlarger to the collection of equipment for our members. Installed by one of the original Durst engineers in the UK Roger Francis. and for you we will be holding  little party and a few lectures on the art of Black and White by former members and members of North London Darkroom!

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