Darkroom Membership

by Daniella Verektenidi - July 2019

The North London Darkroom members help keep this space running and contribute to the monthly costs by paying a fixed membership fee. Members have 24hr access.

The Darkroom is firstly a great resource. It is well stocked with incredible equipment collected over the years, all fully working. The space is comfortable, friendly and offers a professional working environment to its members. We also showcase, from time to time, the photographers' work produced at the NLD as well as offer an online print sales service, should they wish to use it.

The membership we offer is ideal for individuals who have worked within a darkroom previously on a basic level (whether a community darkroom or at university) and artists who wish to print their own work. NLD is the place to develop skills in a more professional environment. 

For more information and application form:  http://www.londondarkroom.com/membership/how-to-become-a-member/

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