by Sebastian Edge - November 2017

This last year, North London Darkroom celebrated its seventh year providing professional facilities affordably to its members by beginning to offer those services with our print service. This last year alone we have made prints exhibited in some of the major Art fairs around the world in varying sizes. For Frieze London, for Artisma, for Basil, Somerset House and in 2018 for the Museum of Modern Art, New York
But what makes our prints special? Firstly we make prints quickly and to customer’s unique requirements, providing a personal service, on fibre based museum papers with professional retouching services, but we also make them big! Anything from a fibre based print from 5x7” to a print measuring 1100m x1400mm and in 2018 our newly unique designed development dishes mean that we can produce, purely by hand, prints on the largest Black and White silver gelatine paper available, 56” or 1.4 meters in width. 
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